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What is this?

The Byzantine Space Quest is the first of many quests in our multiverse that spans the digital and physical worlds. Your first quest? Collect and trade digital space - starting in outer space!

For every tile purchased, a .02 ETH contribution is given to connect our world with mesh networks, the first 10k tile owners will receive a physical representation of your Proof of Community Stake, in the form of an enamel pin. You will see your tile projected across the digital and physical worlds in light installations throughout Liminal spaces and beyond.

Quest Rewards

ERC721 Token
ERC721 Token icon
See your unique ERC-721 token visualized on installations online and off
Mesh Network Contribution
mesh network icon
Your purchase will help connect the world with mesh networks, helping to fight for Net Neutrality
Enamel Pin
rocketship pin
Show your support with a limited edition enamel pin
Space is limited.
Discover yours now.
Space Quest Badge
Limited 10K Token release